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1998 PPA Annual Convention
New Orleans, Louisiana

August 4th, 1998 in sunny (and very hot and humid) New Orleans, La.,  Jeri received her Craftsman Degree from the Professional Photographers of America.  The following pictures are from that evening.

PPA_Group.jpg (7966 bytes)
  Jeri's support team
Carlos and Laura (Carlos' daughter) Lozano, Jeri and Walt Arstingstall, Helene Golden, Bob Vollmer


Jeri_Walt.jpg (11030 bytes)  
Jeri's main support and all around good guy.
Jeri and her husband Walt Arstingstall



Father_Daughter.jpg (11257 bytes) Jeri's backup support in case the first one fails...
Robert S. Vollmer and Jeri


PresJeri,Carlos.jpg (5571 bytes)  
Jeri with President of PPA
Carlos (great friend & mentor) Lozano, Jeri, Bert Behnke


Robert_Helene.jpg (9903 bytes) Bob's support & Jeri and Walt's friend
Bob Vollmer and Helene Golden


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